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Manual Choke Conversion


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Can anyone suggest a good source of a manual choke conversion for a 32/36 Weber. I am having issues with the automatic choke, so would rather convert to manual.


If anyone has made their own conversion and has photos to share that would be useful, or I can buy a kit.





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Not unusual to run without the choke. Just lock it open or remove. The DGAV has an accelerator pump jet. Two dabs on the throttle when starting from cold will richen the mixture enough to catch and then nurse the engine on the throttle for a couple of minutes. Cheaper than a manual choke kit!



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When I was testing the auto choke on the carburettor of the RV I found a crack in the casting which was letting water out in a big way .

So after a bit of fabricating i made up a manual choke set up using some of the parts from the auto choke.

The set up is working well on the bench but will pass judgement when the engine is up and running .


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