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Zetec/weber 40's/gearbox/exhaust/ecu Package


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Yes rob your we crossflow is about the same weight of the zetec but alas the 65bhp difference has tipped me towards the zetec, i'll sell you the zetec when i'm finished with it 8)

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65bhp difference? Didn't they give you maths lessons old chap?


2.0 Zetec on Jenveys is about 165-170bhp at the fly


My "wee crossflow" is about 137bhp at the fly


I make that about 27-33bhp difference :)


The only reason I'm so slow is I'm a bat fastard and should really have a V8 to pull my weight along like some other owners do ;)



You pull up Thumbhead on his maths then make a mistake yourself!!


Pmsl, you prize plonker! Try 28-33bhp difference.




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nick and rob you pair of "two hats" stop hijacking this thread :drinks: Plus don't tell jon his zetec has a pair of hot cams taking the power to 195....... so with my best abacus that takes the difference to 58bhp.


We all know those rv8's are pig iron heavy anyway :80:

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