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Registration Number?


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Hi all

I’ve had a look around but cant find the answer I’m looking for but I might just be blind!

The question is if I buy a new engine that has no number like the one from kit spares and i'm not using a donor car how will the dvla select a registration year??

hope some one can help many thanks in advance


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Think I'm right in this...

1/ Providing you submit evidence/ reciepts that all majpr parts are as new i.e. engine, gearbox etc then you will get a nice 12 plate.

2/ If you are using a donor vehicle then as long as you have the donors V5 and engine No's match then you should get an age related plate (same year as the donor).


If you can not provide evidence as per 1 or 2 above then it will be registered on a "Q" plate.



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You can have ONE major reconditioned part and still qualify for a new number (62 as of now). I listed transmission as reconditioned as the one major item and got a 12 plate.


Oddly, the guy at Sheffield DVLA said I didn't need a build up inspection ?? (Possibly because I was declaring mostly new parts I presume) :)



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Guest robinj66

what is a build up inspection ? just curious lol


It's the fancy name for the DVLA local office (until they are shut) to check that the VIN and engine numbers on the car are the same as onthe paperework.


At Maidstone this seems to consist of a member of staff standing by the car with a brolly whilst you get wet and read the numbers out !!!! :80:



To be fair, Maidstone do then go on and complete the paperwork dealing with the registration of the vehicle

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Hi thanks for the response so far, I'v been looking through the dvla and vosa web site's (very time consuming) and i found this: http://www.direct.go.../DG_198210 and this: http://www.direct.go...hicle/DG_190929 all very confusing! it would seem that strictly speaking becuse all of the hubs and rear sub frame came from gbs and are used then i should end up with a q plate, guess ill have to hope that my local dvla (bristol) cant interpret the information either!. think ill give them a call see if they can put me straight.

cheers ivan.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was just in Maidstone DVLA, to check out the process they required - i.e. wanted to check with the actual people first.

They said they did still want an inspection as per experience in this thread (i.e. as well as the IVA) ... however - I also found this document:




Which seemed to indicate a change in process occurring somewhere around 2010...



I'm intending to at least share this with Maidstone DVLA to see if it changes anything (i.e. can't see the point in arguing with them, but if theres an easy way to avoid renting a flatbed trailer for their inspection I'm going to try it)



Does anyone have experience of the linked document being used to avoid a DVLA inspection?


Well, I suppose that Sheffield must be aware of this document as they did NOT require / request a build up inspection when I got the IVA completed.



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The document says "New kit vehicles" this may have a bearing as most of ours require a Q or age related, al the evidence for this would be gained from the documentation and yes VOSA should be able to verify chassis number and engine number for DVLA.

When all the loc DVLA offices close what happens then?

Ultimately while you still have a local DVLA office they still have the initiative on reg type and inspection.

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At Maidstone this seems to consist of a member of staff standing by the car with a brolly whilst you get wet and read the numbers out !!!!

Same at Sidcup...I drove the car there, the exhaust was ticking away & I pointed to the engine number behind the blued exhaust....they took my word for the engine number!! LOL

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