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Newbie With An St170 - Advice Needed Please

Guest tigercatkid

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Guest tigercatkid



just preparing a 2003 ST170 engine to go into my Tiger CAT E1 - from a Pinto.


I have some basic questions, so please if you have other threads you can point me at, please do....


1) I am not running TB's yet (cost issue !) but will be using my bike carbs from my Pinto set up - which run very well

2) I need to do away with the VVT set up and this brings some issues - having removed the drive pulley from the inlet camshaft, it looks as though that there is a spacing issue for a new vernier pulley ie. the VVT pulley has all the internal gubbins which make it advance / retard and as such stands off from the end of the camshaft by a fair distance. If I am to reuse the existing camshafts, then I need some sort of spacer to get the pulley alignment and correct sealing. Does anyone have any info on how this can be achieved ?




3) am I being daft and must junk the existing cams and install a new pair if I am doing away with the VVT ?


4) If this is the case, will any Zetec cams do e.g. Piper 285's as I note that the end journal diameters are different for the two cams in the ST170 head - is this the same for all Zetecs ???


I am sure this has been covered before - but some giudance would be great and thanks in advance !


This is where I am up to at the moment... loads to do.


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Guest tiggertom

​hi i have st 170 on bike carbs and vvt kicks in at 2500 rpm on megajolt not ideal but works just feels like your not getting best out of it but i haven't had it to rolling road. i got a inlet manifold + carbs + ecu all done to bolt on from chester sports cars,made engine mounts and alternator brackets ,and pluming my self.

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Guest alfaGTA

Welcome aboard tigercat,


Few topics from the internet mechanics; most seem to just top 200bhp






Chester sports cars claim 205bhp on carbs with their set up, no idea how they achieve this but most likely with the VVT locked at a set timing point.


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