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Corsa's And Ticking Timing Chains..

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Im thinking of getting a corsa for my girlfriend as the clio she has at the moment leaks all over her from the sunroof and it's pretty old now.

I can get one from someone I work with for a bargain etc.

However it has a ticking time chain, is this tick caused by the tensioner? Is just replacing this part a quick and far cheaper fix? Or would the engine still tick?

Thanks in advance!

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change the chain and tensioner not a hard job if you buy the kit but you need to drain oil though hth I would not just change the tensioner as the chain tends to wear away the casing if been running a long time with the rattle.

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You don't say what engine, but in my experience, most of these engines tick at some point, especially if they are low on oil as the hydraulic tappets don't get enough oil.


If it's a twinport (1.2 & 1.4), take off the rocker cover and check the bolts holding the camshafts down, they are torx and should be 8nm. They have a habit of coming loose and the resulting flex snaps the camshaft.



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