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Wiring Solution Needed

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The time has come to sort out the wiring and I gave a few issues to resolve.

Due to the time I have taken to build the car the kit has now changed with GBSC and they now have a plug and play wiring loom .

I have fitted the old style chassis loom and have purchased the engine wiring loom with the two sockets for ecu and connection to the loom.

I have taken ages to decide how the various switches would look on the dashboard and have I think completed the layout.

Now I have turned to look at the steering column switches and how I connect them to the loom. At this point I am undecided as to whether to have new individual switches elsewhere than the steering column and I suppose it will be whether it will be difficult to use the existing switches I have.

I have contacted GBSC and they advise to use the plug and play loom as they now have steering column switches which have been re wired to suit. This will mean more expense as the new style loom is about £400.

I need advice as to whether it is sensible to chose option 1 a new loom or option 2 connect the existing column switches or option 3 buy new switches for wipers,indicators and lights etc and connect each circuit to suit.

My preference at the moment is to buy new switches .

Hope you can help


Chris D

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