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South Yorkshire Run Out

ivan the terrible

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Think I got them all into my phone.


But first time I've used this software so there is still an opportunity for the occasional phukawe moment

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Just got home after one of the best run outs to date (all 9hrs). Cracking roads, great company and corking weather.

Chosen route was largely unknown to me ( even though I planned it), but some great roads to drive. Definitely do them again, and no Phukarewe moments

Even managed to find plenty of watering holes to keep the women happy as well...

I'm sure some piccies will be posted shortly


Marcus, Ivan how the hell did them lads in the Corsa walk away from that smash, and how on earth were they going fast enough to take out a tree and roll the Corsa on that road?.....


Thanks to Ivan, Andrea, Marcus, annaleigh, Ian, oz and Better half for a great day

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Cracking day out ..156 miles of it. ..great roads great company great scenery.


I'll pop some pics up later..Sat in pub again now waiting for some food and a drink.

That Andreas habits have rubbed off somewhat.


Thanks for the loan of the hat for the Mrs too.



Will sort pics when home

I think it was an astra Terry..but it had been on its roof..gulp.

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Yes, a fantastic day, and a fantastic weekend for me and her (Andrea) as its already been said great roads, company, and drive and the food and drink in between, was also good to hook up with Dan E and Sue last night for a few drinks and a chat, and yes as for the lads in the astra, that's what you get for driving to fast, good job none of us were doing that,

All together did about 240 miles all trouble free, quite surprised, just backed it into the garage and it ran out of fuel, timed to perfection,

Thanks to all for the day


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