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Few Things To Clear.

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I've got a few things laying around the garage that I won't require for my build.

Pinto inlet manifold to suit weber 30/34 (missing coolant elbow) £10 + postage or collection.


Weber 30/34 carburettor, probably only good for spares or rebuild. Free buyer collects or pays postage


Pair of sealed beam original robin Hood supplied headlamps. 12 posted?


I also have a mountney steering wheel in good condition I may like to swap for a more modern looking wheel. Comes with boss and horn push.


Not really sure what if anything they are worth.

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If the steering wheel is an old original wooden wheel it can be worth a fair bit of dosh. Look them up on the old eBay. You will get a good idea of there worth. Maybe even find a good second hand one to replace it with. Good luck.

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as per the rules.....


7) you MUST put a price on all items in your adverts, we don't want to start an auction and everyone feels awkward when it says "Make me an offer"

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I paid £35 on ebay. for a set of halogen bulbs and lenses for my standard RH lamp bowls. Takes H4 bulbs and spade type sidelights; definitely a worthwhile upgrade as I can actually see when driving at night.

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