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Smallways July 2015 - West Yorks Weekend


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Guest Bryan TheSnail

You'll just have to rough it in the noble I suppose. Lol!


I will be there, in my 2B, the bought one, not the built one. The Mrs has gently reminded me that the Noble was bought for her.

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Guest Darren2010

I'm feeling pretty confident about making it this year. Ive managed a couple of decent runs since I finished tinkering. Just need to make some doors. But I've booked time of work, so I'm in.

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Guest 2b cruising

Not us I'm afraid, we'll be on our way back from Cuba that weekend.

i knew your car was fast with its new super engine, but a flying car all the way to Cuba? That's quite something else.
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All - Next weekend all confirmed with the landlord. Looking forward to seeing you all and I will try and book the weather, I'm afraid the use of the "flat" that Tony used to let us use for a shower is no longer available as in use so anyone really desperate can come next door. We never used to have it in the early years. Camping available from Friday afternoon. Landlord is expecting us. I will be up after work on Friday night.


Anyone want to come for the run out on Saturday morning we shall be heading off for the day at 10:15 am, Route yet to be planned!!!


Anyone still want to come who hasn't said yes yet - no problems. Just drop me a note here so we have a rough idea of numbers for the landlord. Meals in the pub are very good.


Will be a more eclectic mix of cars now but all petrol heads and great social weekend. See you all next Friday.


Cheers Lee

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