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Smallways July 2015 - West Yorks Weekend


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Great Smallways Weekend as usual, thanks to everyone for a wonderful time. Special thank you to Chris & Steve (grizzly) for taking Jean and I along as passengers. I'll send the pictures I took to Boys in Hoods. See you all again soon.

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Guest Parny

Fantastic weekend... I came up with Darren, it was a pleasure to meet all that attended. Had a brilliant time met some top ppl, hopefully will see you all again maybe i will have a hood then 😃

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Thanks to everyone for your company and hope you all had a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was great to see old and new friends. Luckily the weather was fairly kind to us. See you all soon and hopefully before next year. Cheers Lee.

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Guest shaggy

Yup, great weekend, good company and all that mallarky. Particularly liked the drag strip....

Dave, good place to look on this site for cars for sale. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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Another great weekend at smallways

Nice to meet new faces who become new friends

Great mystical tour runout. Bet every one around barny castle thought there were hundreds of us.

Got broken down 3a back home later on the Sunday.

After a great lunch and drink back in the pub.

Nice one again Lee

Dates for next year ASAP please......

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