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  1. Happy belated birthday Steve. Bob.

  2. raeautos

    parts for 2b

    If it helps I made my own cycle wing brackets with some tube off ebay and made a washer to fit between mushroom top balljoint mount. This is the ebay listing number 152430636963 Good luck. Bob
  3. Check on preloved website http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/119139907/robin-hood-kitcar-track-day-car-with-car-trailerono.html?ref=advert-
  4. One of the reasons I want to move out there. I'm sure the speed humps around here are growing up!
  5. I am moving over there hopefully soon Mike. If there isn't one we will have to make one! I'll watch this space. Bob
  6. Sorry mate. Found them. Narrow ones and someone's put too much weight on the top of em. Scrap now. Hope you find some soon.
  7. Another enjoyable weekend at Smallways. Nice to meet everyone again. Thanks to Steve ( grizzly ) for the company on run out. Nice food again at Smallways and great staff looking after us all. I think they were run ragged. Cheers Lee. Bob.
  8. I'll get back to you tomorrow. Monday. I think I might have some at work somewhere.
  9. Always a spare seat Steve. I'll be in z3 with one unless you get a better offer. Bob.
  10. Sunday 3rd of June This is a great day out. There's lots to see and do. There are some great vehicles to look at. It's always a very popular event. Checkout. www.skiptoncarshow.com I usually take my hood but this year I've booked in my Pontiac Firebird.
  11. raeautos

    Car Show

    Sunday 29th April 10.30am Wakefield Classic and American car show Check.www.eventbrite.co.uk
  12. raeautos

    Sad Day

    He will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family.
  13. Who if anyone is planning on going to the new years day meeting? I'm up for both of em.
  14. It had donor car reg at time of registration/build. The actual year is 2009. I believe that if you change the first plate, the H reg, then that plate cannot be used again.
  15. raeautos

    Smallways 2017

    Another excellent weekend. Helped very well by the weather you ordered Lee. Made a change not getting soaked. Nice to see everyone who turned up. Thanks to Grahams taxi service. The Guinness went down very well. The food at smallways was excellent as was the company. Great ride out and no one lost. Thanks to all. Roll on next year.
  16. As Tractor said TFR Traffiic film remover Takes all the work out of cleaning the wheels
  17. Is the brake pedal free on the spindle? I had mine tighten up once due to heat expanding every thing.
  18. Hi Andy Welcome to the friendliest club you can imagine. Any problems get online. Have fun driving your hood.
  19. She's doing fine DanE If I get chance an engine rebuild over winter Not ailing anything though. Cheers.
  20. Bike carbs without doubt. I have fireblade carbs on my road 2b And Yamaha thunderace carbs on my track car. Easy to set up and balance.
  21. Try pulling out flasher relay and pushing back in. Mine plays up like this once in a while. Works for me.
  22. Nice one Barry. Better than one I was using.
  23. Knock softly but firmly. I like soft firm knockers...

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