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  1. It apperas to be a bit of an anomily that if you put an age related kit on a private plate, then subsequently remove the plate, they issue a numberplate that coincides with the registration year and not the year of the donor as that year isn't recorded on the v5. There are a few people out there that this has happened to.
  2. His advert is a near copy and paste of my original advert on raced and rallied and as such his claims of a recent rebuild are probably *bleep*s too
  3. He says he bought it from the original builder like that! I was the original builder and didn't sell it to this guy, i sold it to someone from manchester and it went on a H plate
  4. it's a 1995 car though. it is a rebuild of a h reg sierra, it was registered in 2009 but that isn't technically the age is it?
  5. But it wasn't a new car in 2009 it was a rebuild of a H reg sierra so should never be on an 09 plate. DVLA has all the details for the car on that plate so someone has managed to frig the system
  6. Passed IVA 2 weeks ago and here are a few pics of my finished Haynes. It is using a 1.8 mx5 engine
  7. it's on ebay at the moment. I built it from the original kit and sva's it in 2009. It went on an age related 'H' plate. It's now on ebay on an '09' plate. looks dodgy to me, what's going on? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/kit-car-robin-hood-2b-with-c20xe-redtop-/282628634361?hash=item41cdfab6f9:g:pUMAAOSwrblZpEtf
  8. st3v3nw

    Donor Shell

    You could always swap the parts into the sierra shell that you have and register it in your name, then legally you can take them off that car again to make your kit car with.
  9. She loves playing in the car and in my garage. All the parcels that arrive we have to open them together and she'll then inspect all the parts before playing in the box!
  10. Turns out both fuel pumps were switched off.
  11. Still after the stalks? I have some with plugs and length of loom
  12. Loads of time has been spent on the wiring loom, I've used the original mx5 loom but made loads of changes and mods to it. Everything is working so far LED side repeaters. Will need to be removed and repositioned in the front mudguard as they fail the IVA test as they are obscured from the rear by the rear indicator Billet aluminium pedals from OBP with remote adjustment Fog and reverse lights mounted to rear tub along with numberplate light Had these seats made by intatrim in telford. GRP shells with padding in black vinyl. Really comfy and surprisingly light Wilwood Ultralite 4 pots up front, rears are Audi S3 aluminium calipers, light and have a good handbrake function
  13. Howdy :wave: Been a long long time since I've updated this thread but a lot of work has gone on since the last update. I've also had a baby and moved house in the mean time. I've re-made my upper front wishbones to the book spec as the originals I made with camber adjusters built in but didn't like how they turned out. Moving out my old garage: New garage: Car in there, temp wheels for moving it and dummy shocks Bought my wheels, pro race 1.2 in satin black. 15" Battery and ecu bay in front passenger footwell
  14. st3v3nw


    Wait till the next kit car show. I tried out Intatrim's range and settled on their Odyssey 2 seats. lovely.
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