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Guest Ian Maycock

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Guest Ian Maycock

How daft do I feel right now?


Over winter I have refurbished the front calipers. Full strip down, new seals, new coat of paint. All fitted back together. Time to bleed the brakes and I couldn't get all the air out. I could hear air leaking from the master cyclinder. Ok I thought there's the problem. New seals ordered and fitted. Took the sevo off as well to check that over. New coat of paint on that as well. All back together again. No change still the same problem.


Did a search on the forum for any similar problems reported and spotted as quoted by Steve in Stockport "have you got the calipers the wrong way round?" I couldn't quite grasp how this could be possible. True enough I have put them on the wrong sides. So there was a permanent air pocket in each caliper. Switched them round, problem solved!


Well there was time and expense I'll never get back!

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