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Mt75 Vs Type 9


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If you want to go above 200 bhp, the type 9 to suite the bhp will start costing you money.

Quaiffe etc can cost as much or more than a tuned engine.

Lots of people use standard 9s and get away with it.

However lots of people don't. Then they wonder why the have to keep getting the bearings replaced.

Type 9 you can have several gear ratio combinations to suit your application.


MT 75 is a very good box, good for up to a stated 300 bhp.

Ratios are standard as far as I know but suitable for a well powered engine.


Otherwise spend even more money on the heavy duty Cosworth box.

Can't help with this as I have never looked into this as they really are lots of pennies, as indeed any race units.

Hope this is some help. Ken.

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Yes Transits are different.

You might find a used car easier. Sierra Saphire 2 ltr DOHC. Pre zetec. + Granada Scorpio.

V6s have different bell housing.

MT 75 housing all part of the main casing so take care.

Same as v6s with type 9. Different story bell housing but swappable on the 9s.

I am sure someone more knowledgable will be on shortly.

Lots of people prefer the type 9 but I think because of ease with the bell housing.

I am using MT 75 with DOHC and prefer it to the 9s I have used in the past.

I am going Vauxhall over the closed season as the z20 LET is already at 240bhp and easy to get them near the 300 mark without spending lots of pennies.

I am intending to use the Omega 25/28 manual box which I already have.

The up side of this is power without the weight of the V8. Also low cost relative to tuning the Zetec or Duratec to the same standard.

The down side is the power band created by the turbo.

I have modified my turbo ready by fitting the bi turbo cassette. This apparently is a larger compressor in the standard housing to bring the power in at much lower revs.

Time will tell. LoL

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The builder of the car I am working on was very cute about this.

He registered an engine change in the Sierra doner car before registering as scrap.

This should give him an even older plate than the Focus.

He was told at IVA the Zetec would need a cat.

He stuck by his guns and a supervisor said no cat required.

Don't know if you have this option.

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hi paul

got this info from sierra owners club.

the way i understand it, it should give better acceleration.

anh has heavy duty bearings

[Type 9 (1.3-2.3)

1st 3.65

2nd 1.97

3rd 1.37

4th 1

5th 0.82

Type 9 (2.8 inc 4x4 )

1st 3.36

2nd 1.81 (this is the ratio that lets the 2.8 go over 60 in 2nd )

3rd 1.26

4th 1

5th 0.825

Type 9 (P100 HD)

1st 3.91

2nd 2.29

3rd 1.38

4th 1

5th 0.82

There is a T9 diesel box too, but I'm unsure of those specs (I'd imagen its something like the

P100 box) I do know it has stronger bearings and a 0.75 5th

MT75 (2.0 DOHC and 2.4 V6)

1st 3.890

2nd 2.082

3rd 1.342

4th 1

5th 0.822

MT75 (2.9 V6, 2.5 diesel AND 2.0 4x4)

1st 3.608

2nd 2.084

3rd 1.363

4th 1

5th 0.829

The MT75 ratios are 100% correct

scorpio ratio's....

Engine 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear 5th

2,0 DOHC 8V 3,89 2,08 1,34 1,00 0,82

2,0 DOHC 16V 3,61 2,08 1,44 1,00 0,83

2,3 DOHC 16V 3,61 2,08 1,44 1,00 0,83

2,3 DOHC 16V 3,61 2,08 1,36 1,00 0,76 later mod

2,5l TCI Diesel 3,61 2,08 1,36 1,00 0,76

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IMHO the Type 9 has better ratios especially the V6 version

If you do go for the MT75 then 3.6 is a better diff ratio due to the very low 1st & 2nd

The best of all the Ford gearbox's for ratio and strength is the Cosworth T5 Borg & Warner, expensive and larger than the others

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Type 9 has more aftermarket gear set ratios available so on that front is "better" than the mt75 as you can change and upgrade to get the most out of your zetec.


Dan E, upgraded his gear set and has a 4.1 rear diff, his car had the same power as mine BUT mine was ~300kg lighter (car plus driver weight difference :rofl: ) and there was no speed difference.....


Some ford granada/scorpio cars came with a 4.27 rear diff in 7.5" size, i'd aim for fitting it and you will have plenty of acceleration, cruising rpm will be higher.


Not always about the max power.

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You need to use a gear speed calculator to really see the issues

Wheel and tyre size are also important

If your getting less than 30mph in first at full revs then you need a higher first of a longer diff

If you go really low with the diff you end up not using 1st as its so short and if you can't hit 60+ in 2nd your 0-60 is not good

If I had the money I would get an uprated type9 with 2.5 1st and a 1.54 second mated to the V6 3rd 4th and leave 5th for cruising

I have a spare V9 type9 and may do the 1st gear mod myself that'll give a 2.7 1st 1.81 2nd 1.21 3rd on a 3.9 diff

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