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Not Good News.. In Fact A Bit Naff Really.


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Well guys and girls .. not good news.


I was invited to be in a local car show , 1 junction down m1 as it happens.

I asked which car to bring and I was asked if I could bring both.So I asked my close friends and one came up trumps.

We met at mine sunday morn and I asked my mate which he wanted to drive,he said the kit, looks fun and we set off convoy style to chapeltown,


Things didn't go as planned, I was at the front of the queue with my mate in his supercharged ro behind me and my mate phil in the kit.

I noticed something not right behind me,but was difficult to see past the cars behind me.

Then I got the call, I turned round and made a dash back up the m1 to go back down the sliproad ,to find my mate in the Armco.

Ambulances and police cars arrived,silproad shutdown to recover said car.

It has been dumped until today ,where I uncovered it and checked it out.


Firstly id like to say that my mate phil has a nasty graze and severe bruising to his right arm but will make a full recovery,thank god.


the car has suffered a bit worse, its fixable but may take some time before its out again, the chassis is fine, the front suspension and bodywork not so good.


Anyone any good at fitting a side panel to a 2b I think I may need your help soon. as ive no idea where to start


The issue.. failure of the bolt that holds the bottom of the sliding pillar on.. its taken 8k miles from build to this point for it to happen.


so time to upgrade due to the lower arm being bent , best to chop it off.. wishbones coming soon,

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Bloody hell Marcus. I can give you a hand to fit a new panel, had to replace both on my 2b when I got it....at least everyone pretty much ok. Was it the thread holding the shaft?

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@ nicko. cheers mate. its at my mates unit and next door is a coded welder and metal fab specialist.

so gonna chop the SP off and let him weld the wishbones on.


@ Terry .I will be calling on you for this one.Don't know where to start.And yes..that thread has sheared off..50yds later wouldve put it across 3 lanes...doesn't bear thinking about


@Dan...cursed ..bit harsh it's only killed its engine and tried to commit suicide lol


@cma...Cheers dude...keep you posted..big strip down 1st. And thanks but already bought that stuff in link

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