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Rear Drum Fitting Problem Zero


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Hi all, I'm part way through my build but have a problem with fitting my rear drums. Before anyone points it out I have established that I have the wrong side drum on and am also aware that the hub is meant to fixed to the outside of the drum as opposed to behind it but I was just trying various layouts to see what worked.


Is there meant to be some sort of space between the hub carrier and the drum backplate? Even with the hub behind the backplate instead of in front my drum is touching my lower wishbones. I've linked to some pics so you can all see my problem. If anyone could help that would be great.


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Hi Rodg,


Here's a pic from my build archive showing a spacer i made for mine. I didn't like the supplied ones hence making my own to suit. (My kit was built 7 years ago so things should of changed :db: )






If you want any more pics please feel free to browse my Photobucket pages. (All categorised from kit collection to IVA pass).



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Just had a trawl through my old laptop in the Man Cave and found a little gem for you...


If you wanted to get some machined i can supply a 3D Cad model for you or ask Steamer (Red Seven Auto Engineering) on here.


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I've just found the same result using email.

Been mailing Wayne Mathurin all last week.

Phoned on Friday and found he no longer works there.

I was still told by the lady, if you email in his name it would still get answered as they still open it daily. LoL.

How many weeks make a day.

Can't beat the phone, or even a visit if close enough.

I wonder why they weren't in your kit.

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