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Iva On Friday


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Thanks for answering John.

I know people that tested over the last couple of years and they didn't have to use a cat on there's.

Two were on pinto engines and one I know of with Zetec.

I'm sure it was because the donor they had used along with the engine and other major parts off it.

The one with the Zetec registered an engine change on his donor before it was stripped.

He aimed for and got an age related plate then changed it to a private one after IVA.

At his IVA, one tester was questioning about the regs and engine change but the supervisor said it was good to go through as thet was the engine registered on the car in the log book.

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log book finally come back with new engine details. all forms for registration completed and in post tomorrow.


trying the DVLA direct address mentioned earlier, we will see how long it takes to come back and then .............. on the road finally!!!!!

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Registration arrived tuesday this week, with work and getting plates finally got out last night


all i can say is it was worth it, a few shake down issues all resolved this morning and out again today did nearly 30 miles without issues.


A age related plate received and i used the recommended address, all in all took about 2 week but registration date is 1st Aug, did get the V5 2 days before i got the letter to say what my reg was and that my V5 would be on its way, but who cares.......


would like to say for any current builders out there, as far as suspension is concerned mine is standard 2b, i.e sliding pillars at front and sierra rear springs at back. Seems good to me and its been on twisting country roads as well as dual carriage ways today.

it does however have wider wheel span as its got 25mm wheel spacers on all wheels, suppose that helps with stability a little at least.


but, would like to say big thanks to all those that have helped me throughout this build, some without knowing they have helped, this forum is invaluable. Thanks


so if you see E148XUG out on the road in Northamptonshire, give us a flash, i will probably see you in my rear view mirror!!!

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Hi 2bb. You might not have a wider track depending on your et measurement.

I had et 15s on mine when bought.

Some quite cheap team dynamics with new almost new tyres came up for sale. The et was 37. I just fitted 24 MM spacers to bring them back to as near to original et15 as original.

Yes 2 mm per wheel wider so unotisable really.

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Keep a close eye on the inner part of the wheel rims on the front wheels.

It was common for the nut/stud at the bottom of the shaft to contact the rim leaving

a horrible gouge in the rim.

It could also cause the steering to suddenly pull towards that side.


Dont panic about it, many had no issues at all....maybe I was unlucky....or too enthusiastic!

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There are recent threads on here about the above problem.

I believe they were rectified by adjustments.

I suspect that is why you might have fitted the spacers!


If that is the case then you have increased your wheel base in width. No problems with that I can think of with this.

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Its got 15 inch wheels, there is plenty of space at the front with nut clearence, something i had already read about.


pushed a bit more today, back is a bit wobbly once pushed.


whilst on a KSFRW Budget (keep secret from wife), what is a good starter for rear coil overs? and budget?


cant keep the car secret but cost??? who knows what that is, lost the receipts .........

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Gaz are as good as anyone else's unless you are going 100'/, ravings.

Cosat I think would be around £200+ a little for bight and bounce adjust with springs. If you call them you will be put in touch with the right guy that knows all about Robin requirement as in length and poundage for your particular requirements. I have them all round but still need pro setting up. I will see what mine are like when I have got rid of the Toyo t1r's on the rear. It was great until I bought and fitted them.

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