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Evolution Rage 3 - What A Tool

Guest mcramsay

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Guest mcramsay

Been looking at these for a while now and decided it was time to purchase and build my own work bench... 149 quid for the 255mm size saw from screwfix and 60quid of wood later I have 3/4 done quite a tidy job of a 2.4m long work bench in the garage. I am trying to build more of a workshop than just a garage, so I have a welding bench, tool drawers, and my wooden bench with a pillar drill and grinder mounted on top.


Anyway I cant believe it took me so long to buy one of these... cuts wood and metal in seconds, perfectly straight and square, no burrs or sharp edges.


Get it on the Xmas list!!

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I have one too. Made a welding trolley bench with it. Cuts angle, box and plate easily. Once you get over the cringe of cutting steel with it, expecting it to burn and blunt the saw. Which it doesn't.

Cuts wood lovely and tomorrow it comes out to play with Ali plate

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Have you cut the end of the sliding guide of yet? you will :)


If you do a 45 degree cut with the saw dropped over (using the rear angle adjustment not just a normal mitre) if you don't move the sliding part of the fence out of the way you chop the end off at 45 degrees! Luckily it's only light alloy and the blades cut metal but annoying for a minute or two, until you realise it doesn't really matter.


My blade got blunt from only cutting wood and laminate so i replaced it with a titan one but this only cuts wood. Was on the specials bench and was £5 so couldn't pass that up. The only problem was the spigot reducer was the wrong size so i had to get a stone in the drill and run it around a few times to get it to fit.


I am quite impressed at how accurate it can cut for a relatively cheap machine. It i ever try to make a locost i would imagine it would be great for cutting all the tubing.


There is a youtube video with a chap cutting a huge piece of RSJ and the blade still cuts plywood afterwards.


Right now i need a saw bench as my dads one decided to pack in this morning... christmas is coming :)

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