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19 hours ago, fry61 said:

When you have a moment ---- look up ---- the splitting of rocks by the expansion of wooden wedges.

It's not something that is concerning me honestly, i've used seasoned timber and as you can see i've built garages before so it's not my first rodeo.

The key to preventing excess door swelling is to get the framing right, my doors are constructed with 3x2 treated for the framing, triangulated and braced, the rear of the doors are covered with 12mm ply and screwed every 6" over the entire area, and for good measure the entire door is framed with 50mm angle, the tongue and groove boards are 25mm thick ones, not the usual thin ones, so if excess swelling does occur it will need to overcome the framing and break the steel. I have allowed a 12mm expansion gap at the top and bottom and hinge side, there is a 20mm gap between the doors which gets covered by an overlap board. I've built doors this way on previous garages and never had a problem but yes i've experienced expansion issues on simply made shed doors etc

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