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Bgh Type 9 5 Speed Gearbox


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Hey all,


This weekend I plan on swapping out my BGH gearbox for a 6-speed. I'm putting this up now just in case anyone wants to see it working in the car before it comes out, so just understand it's not available right this second but will be next week ;)


It is a 5 speed, rebuilt by myself Winter 2012 as follows :

  • BGH E2HD gearkit (200ft.lb capacity rating)
  • Optional 2/3rd gear lubrication mod
  • Optional 0.87 (short) 5th gear
  • Uprated HD front layshaft bearing (needle roller)
  • Ratios 2.98/1.97/1.37/1.0/0.87

Rebuilt with new gaskets, seals, front bearing, mainshaft bearing, input<>mainshaft roller bearing, all new genuine Ford baulk rings and hub plates, at a cost of £670, receipts and photos to prove. Oil drain fitted.


It went into my Exmo, it did a return trip to Newark in 2013, a few pottering miles around home and it's done about 100 miles in the current Zero... so probably about 500 miles in total since build. It works and drives/feels as new, as you would expect. And I don't need to tell you about the ratio improvements and the whole BGH gearset advantages, as I'm sure you know if you're looking ;).


Now before you freak out at the price, the honest answer is it's worth this much to me just to keep as a spare, so the price is what it is. Since I know how much people are asking for crappy 2nd hand Type 9's these days, this is honestly what I'd want in my pocket before I let it go because if, heaven forbid I needed another gearbox during the life of the Zero, it would cost me more than this to replace it!


£850 ovno

As mentioned above, available in a week or two...


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