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Sierra S7 To Give Away

Guest lotusPaul

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Guest lotusPaul

To anyone interested,


I have as above to give away. Will need to be collected from South Hampshire.


Currently i have been tidying up and found a load of the panels some in stainless. Its a steel body. Theres alot of work involved in this to build it up.


If anybody is interested please let me know. Ill be away till end of May yacht racing but will have tinterweb to reply to mails etc.


If by end of May no one wants it, its of to scrap.

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Guest lotusPaul

I have rear wings in green, front full length wings in red,needs a polish to be honest, bonnet is there and has louvers straight from factory.


Nose cone not available.


Other than a few missing parts which im sure will be lost or miss placed,its as complete as it came out of factory 23 years ago.


Just to be true to what ive said above. This is to be given away as complete as i can, preferably to someone that wants to build it/restore a previously built one.I will not be splitting and giving away parts to people.


Must be collected.

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Guest lotusPaul

I have rear wings in green.


Ill be back end off may then it will go to pile in sky,less anything thats been asked for.


PM me if you still want bits.


I would prefer all bits being asked for to be collected as i just dont have time to sort things out. Its racing season so im generally on the water most days.

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