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just looked at the official pdf here https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/698421/inf104-vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates.pdfand it says that the min margin from the letters to the edge of the plate is 11mm


Just measured my plate and there is 16mm top and bottom so i could cut off 5mm all around and still be legal.

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full size number plate could have brackets made to fit it higher up, we don't do it because it looks *bleep*, vanity

When i was building, i kept reading about overheating issues so i specifically did not want to have any obstruction of the front grille, even just an inch or 2 of the plate. If you saw my car, you'd understand why vanity is not a problem i have :-)

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I have been using a small number plate for 11 years with no problem. I have been pulled twice by the Police for going too slow, Police did not say anything about the small plate. The question we should be asking is would a full size front number plate pass the IVA.


I was also pulled in the past with a front number plate on a Puch moped and told to take it off.

Tried to explain to the officer the motor bike front number plate where removed because the was on the front mudguard longways. This made them very dangerous, mine was on the front forks so no danger present. He agreed and let me on my way

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would a full size front number plate pass the IVA.

At IVA the car does not have an identity (reg. no.) so better not be carrying a number plate!

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