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Registration After Iva And Insurance

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So Ive just finished sorting all the paperwork for my registration hopefully got everything needed.



V627/1 built up vehicle report

Donor log book

Iva cert

Original kit receipt

Also cover note from gbs stating chassis was new at original purchase. Just to be safe.

Photocopy of driving license

Cover note with my contact details

Cheque for first ref and 6 months tax

Build photos

A good chunk of receipts for parts Ive purchased.


Do I need insurance on the vehicle before they will register and tax it or can I do that once I get the docs and a refund number back?


Thanks Mike.

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Not to register, but I'm fairly sure the tax now checks for insurance to be in place before it'll allow it to happen. I needed insurance, got it sorted on a temporary cover note based on the chassis number until I had a number plate assigned - then just updated the policy and away we went.

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Thought that may be the case. So I can get this lot posted then sort the insurance as they will do an online check for the insurance and wont need to include a insurance certificate in this application then.

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I believe so yes, unless it specifically asks for a cover note? I sent mine, since I had it in place for the IVA (I was paranoid that someone would go into the back of the trailer while I was taking it down there and boom, there goes the whole lot with no insurance!)...

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Just for other people I received all my paperwork back from dvla yesterday as I included a self addressed envelope prepaid as special delivery so I knew I would get them back safely, and today my new logbook arrived




Rather pleased 8 days from sending all the info off I thought was pretty dam good. Along with receiving an age related plate that I was hoping for and them actually stating the emissions on the front of the v5 so hopefully no issues come mot in 3 years time.


Can not wait till Sunday for the tax to kick in and it will be going for its first trip out sadly once I finish work lol.

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Im rather releaved as its actally going to be the wedding car which is in 6 weeks lol.


And Id love to drive it to work but sadly I dont think it would carry around a ton of equipment and 7 sets of ladders as I work for sky 😂😂😂

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