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Which Tdo4 Turbo?

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No right answer here. Can only say dont spend a pound on a 1p job. Theres a sweet spot in life where the returns for input start to be negligible. Diminishing returns and all that.


A Garret turbo will out perform a Chinese one by a mile, but GT and GTX range turbos are a mile apart on price but not performance. Do you just want to add a bit of pine and enjoy 230bhp or do you want a precision engineered thoroughbred race car?


Ive seen good numbers from Chinese turbos on evos but they dont tend to last long. A Mitsubishi turbo like an TD06 can be a far more reliable turbo there but you need to match its trim to YOUR engine. Cams, breathing, desired boost level and power band. Compressor maps are a pita to read at the best of times. Get it wrong youll have lots of lag or compressor surge, but on the whole a TD04 suits most 1800 or 2.0 lumps fairly well. R&D = ££££

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Added bonus of that is the oil pressure at the switch tends to be the lowest anywhere in the engine, furthest from the pump etc.

You need to restrict the flow to the turbo or you get much more lag and spoil up time than you should, it results in premature oil seal failure too. So many people fail to restrict the flow to turbos, they assume more oil the better 🙄

On a TD04 Id use an oil feed restricter with a 1.2 - 1.5 mm hole, what oil feed lines are you using?

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^^ Thats a good point. IIRC i used -4 lines on mine and the adaptor that goes into the turbo core to accept the -4 line was the perfect size to use a mig welding tip as the oil restrictor, just drilled it out to the right size.

That was only after the first wales trip in it though, before that it was blowing oil smoke rings out the exhaust :rofl:

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You will have to clock the turbo in the housing. (Not a nice or easy job) but it is pretty simple just have a look on YouTube how to do it. Only thing with that though is you will need to make a bracket to hold the actuator as it will no longer fit on the original mount points

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I use these for oil tap into the block and to the turbo. Ether T into the oil pressure gauge hole or about 6 inches towards the back of the engine from the oil pressure switch there's another hole with a grub bolt in it which is the same as the oil pressure switch one, which is what I used




And this into the turbo feed




Nothing else required for oil feed

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