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Kev's Locost Turbo Build

Guest kevyo89

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Guest kevyo89

Happy with the progress from last weekend... 


Got the engine mounts sorted (only tacked in this photo). Went beefier than I've seen anyone else do them and left a little bit of beef around the base which I can trim of if required 


I had to trim the mx5 gearbox a little bit as it was fouling on my transmission tunnel


Finally welded up the engine and gearbox mounts then got the lot slotted into position. 


This weeks goals

- fit the newly modified propshaft 

- finish roll cage 

- fit shortened sump 

- fit panhard rod 

- mount fuel tank/swirl pot 

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Guest kevyo89
Thanks to Pete at Brookfab for the front roll hoop tonight - I should be able to get this in by tomorrow night. Also got some 1.2mm aluminium sheet for the side panels and transmission tunnel.
Roll hoop is only roughly secured on with some G-clamps and some wire. Looks pretty good in my opinion. 
P.S. Excuse the dodgy bonnet - that's a bonnet scoop in the making :P
By the weekend, I would like to have the rose-jointed panhard made and fitted, my fuel cell secured, the steering column mounted and roll cage complete :P
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Guest kevyo89
Loads of progress today....
Complete MX5 steering column mounted. It should be IVA friendly as it retains the full collapsible section. The lower mount just needs finished
I also got my modified prop back and fitted in:
Rose jointed panhard rod is now finished and fitted albeit without the misalignment spacers. One end is a right hand thread and the other a left hand thread so by spinning the tube with both ends connected up, it lengthens/shortens accordingly without the need for removal. 
Roll cage is finished. Please excuse the trick nuts on the side mounts lol. They'll be chopped off obviously. 
I know it would be class with the side bars too but I'm fed up with the cage by now. I might add them in at a later stage. 
Fuel cell mount made up and fitted in :)
I got a good bit done for a day's work 😛
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Guest kevyo89
So I had it sand blasted yesterday:
And today I set about etch priming and painting it. 
Looks well it etch primer! That was time consuming job and it used far more primer than I expected!
Paint will be done tomorrow 👌
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Guest kevyo89
I love how at this stage, it gets better looking with each little addition 
Engine cleaned, painted and dropped in tomorrow with all wishbones on. Might even get the rear axle in too if I can get the rose jointed rear arms done in time. 
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Guest kevyo89

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I'd hoped.


All wishbones sprayed and bearings fitted, steering rack and column sprayed and fitted, shocks fitted:








Im thinking now that my steering wheel sits a little high so it might tinker with it at a later stage. 

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I’m enjoying this build thread, it’s going at a cracking pace!


Although, I do feel a bit lazy. In the year I’ve had my car I’ve managed to change the alternator and adjust the seat position. Even at that it was my brother that helped completed the task 😂



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