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Steering wheel wanted 15" (or 14")


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Steering wheel wanted 15" or 14" Mountney.

The 'Hood' I have recently bought is fitted with 195/50R tyres on 15" wheels, the steering wheel is only 11" and I haven't got the muscle power to cope with parking turning.

I have not before seen the type of wheels fitted, centre lock with a locking pin, photo attached.

s-l1600 10.jpg

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Hi Phil

I have a 13" Mountany, I live about 10 miles from Exeter so can drop it round for you to try.  You may find a 14" or 15" will be to big and the wheel will be to close to your legs

I have the boss for it as well somewhere. Other pic shows it on the car before I changed

Wife just bought me a brand new Momo for my birthday!!



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Neat way of holding in the centrecap but presumably the standard studs and bolts are under it. Have you examined a wheel to check that the offset is correct (my original steel wheels were ET41) and they have a ford centre bore or suitable hubcentric spacers?

When driving is the steering effort acceptable? Does the steering self centre at all/slightly/strongly if you let go of the wheel after a turn? These points are more to do with suspension set-up that can have an effect on steering effort.

Does the car have a quick rack? That would increase effort.

13 inch steering wheel seems about right for most people. I wouldn't go bigger than 14 even with a quick rack.

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I think you are right, 13" is the most to go to.

I haven't removed any wheels as yet, I have been doing other small jobs to get the car running better, the previous owner hadn't used it for 'some years'

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Hi Barry, thanks for the offer but another member, Graeme, has given me a 13" which is a good fit.

I had to make it detachable because the original builder set the steering column too high and doesn't  allow the 'alligator' bonnet to open fully.

I have also fitted extra large indicator repeaters because some years ago, when I had a Marlin, I left the indicator on & a van pulled out of a side turning in front of me.

I managed to miss the van but ended up upside down in a ditch, the Marlin rollbar- windscreen saved me from being squashed flat.


Marlin 1.jpg

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