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Westfield Sports seats (pair)


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I've treated myself to some Intratrim seats for the Zero so my existing seats are up for sale - available in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

They are Westfield seats (but unbranded), called the "Sport" seat, in black and dark navy blue vinyl. Excellent condition (not used much!) and on runners. They are honestly a very nice, quality-made and comfy seat, with good side support. Material all intact, no tears/rips/etc.

Since they fit in Westfields, let alone a non-GT Zero, I think it's safe to say they will fit into ANY Robin Hood/GBS without any issue :D !!

I could say £300 ono but in reality let's just say £250 no offers ;)


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I hadn't really thought about it - these harness would probably be no good for an S7 anyway, to be honest, they'd be too short in the should straps. I did have a thought about replacing them for ones with better adjustment buckles so, yeah, they could be for the right price. Probably best if you're interested in the seats, you take a look at the harnesses at the same time and if you think they'd suit your S7 then no worries, we can sort something out.

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I would want to fit them in an Exmo. The passenger side is narrow, the absolutely useless seats with the kit are based on two rectangles of 3 ply that are 400 mm wide,  I look at the published dimensions of "narrow" seats and very few are that narrow (+ expensive), then I see photos of Exmos with other seats which on paper are too wide. I think it must be a question of just trying to fit some that are billed as narrow. So bottom line is that at £200 a pair I would like to purchase these seats from you, no returns, to try and fit them. I can pick them up in person, cash on collection. Most convenient for me would be sometime on Thursday 17th Oct (this Thursday) as I will be staying in Swindon that night.


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