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1/4 mile Santa Pod


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After a great weekend at Sant Pod it got me thinking what are the best mods we can do with our cars to improve straight line acceleration? Obviously we need grip, power and quick reactions, how can this be achieved and more importantly how much?

No I am not adding a jet engine to the roll cage!

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lightened flywheel and grippy tires and a tune up made massive difference to mine. Was quite impressed with my times off the line although i relaxed a bit towards the end and forgot i was racing. Shame i only got one run in would have like to see if the driver could do better (Sure the car can lol)

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The best improvement for drag racing would probably be a suitable automatic 🙊 Let's ignore that option though because I don't think anyone with a kit really wants an automatic

Other than that, for a seven, more grip, and stronger driveline to handle more aggressive launches that you can do once you have more grip.  There is a rule of thumb that everything you save in the 60ft is doubled at the 1/4 mile, so being able to get a strong launch can make a huge difference.

Finally, more power, but really until you have a car that you can launch, more power is just more increasing the likelihood of breaking things.

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1 - Any sticky road tyre, thinking along the lines of Toyo R888 etc

2 - Drag slicks would be the best, and they are most commonly found in 15" so a spare set of 15s to fit the zero would be the way to go. They tend to be tall sidewalls though, so would have to make sure you got some that would fit under the arches, or setup so you can remove and refit arches easily to swap between wheels.

I would think option 1 would be the most sensible, mainly because with the amount of grip you would have available on launch with a drag slick you are probably going to start breaking things.

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