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Yey car finally passed mot on emissions amazing what a bottle of Cataclean can do and a good 20min. Run up the A50 before the test 

what I want to know now is what do I have to do to remove the heater from inside the car and what do I do to the pipes going to it any advise be great 

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Easiest way to bypass heater is to connect the 2 pipes together feeding the heater matrix, usually 19/20mm, that way any flow is kept as engine intended.

With the heater matrix itself disconnect the fan wire and isolate, then undo any securing fixings to the casing plus any feed ducting to the windscreen/footwell etc.. According to how many wires you have under the dash it should pull out although I know mine would need the scuttle removed as I have ecu in passenger footwell and steering column in drivers even though it's only a mini unit.. 

Unless you need the space for anything else or it's not working it is quite a lot of work for little gain.

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Never need /want to go out in cold/ wet weather then?  The heater is great even in an open car like an RH, helps visibility when cold & frosty & a useful extra cooling radiator if the engine is generating more heat than the front rad can handle.

Heater matrix failed in Florin -- was quickly re-placed ( although a long job -- its on top of the gear-box between the foot-wells ) wouldn't be without a heater if given the choice.

Still we are old farts who like our comforts.

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Good point about extra cooling didn’t think about that and I suppose driving back to Essex every now and then the temp at 5 in the morning ain’t extactly 30 deg 

thanks for the input much appreciated 

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