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Wonky Headlights

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Hi All,

Trying to get my car ready for an MOT and it’s developed an issue with the headlights, probably because its been stood for years. All the lights work as they should when operating them with the ignition at position 2. When the car is running, all the lights work as they should apart from the headlights stay on when they’re switched off. If I flick the high beam on an off, the headlights switch off.

I’ve attached my car’s wiring diagram, does anyone have a diagram/picture showing which relay is which in a standard sierra fuse box? I suspect a dim/dip relay and want to start with 42 on the diagram..

Many Thanks



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yeah i get a similar problem, although i find that when i am driving and flicking between dip and full sometimes the light just cuts out!!! as the dip disengages but full hasn't engaged. If i woggle the switch it comes back. So i have to be quite careful to push it firmly. 

The stalk is quite stiff so i'll try the wd40 as well

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I can highly recommend a tin of acf50 it’s used a lot in the aircraft industry as can be used with all sorts of materials and doesn’t conduct so it excellent for spraying inside all wiring connections I’ve used it in every one on the kit. 

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