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Midi strip fuse

Matt shep

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Mine is rated 63A.

Could go a bit lower as I have no high power loads.

One thing to remember is that the batttery charge current goes through this and I have a 50A alternator so with a new battery (takes a larger charge current than a clapped out one) I have a bit of headroom for when the alternator gets enthusiastic.

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I was thinking of a 60amp fuse but not sure of the wiring amps I didn't want to cause a fire

Just bought so 50amp ones to see if it's starts and I am going to look at the alternator for voltage spikes

Did you think it would be safe with a 60 amp fuse in instead of 50 amp what's your views?

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If you have the normal 40A alternator 50A should be good. 63 is what ford had on early sierras, I have not checked what they fitted later.

I would be checking for any problems with the wires rubbing causing shorts, the original fuse went for a reason, the reason is normally a short.

If replaceing the fuse and it holds up then it is checking all other circuits to find anything not working to try narrowing down where there could be problems.


Good luck

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Sorted it 

It turned out to be a bear wire inside the cockpit

Was a scary moment when everytime I try something a fuse would blow

Only took 3 fuse's thank good I ordered 6

I thing a run at the weekend for a good measure. Finger cross no more break downs

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