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Robin Hood 2B For Sale


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Robin Hood 2B For Sale. Price £4000. Interested in offers and advice on the valuation.


I am selling my Robin Hood 2B as I am being given another car and I can’t afford to run 3 cars or have 4 cars on my drive. 


It is running a Pinto 2.0. It has Bike Carbs fitted and is MOT’d until October 2020.


Approximately 1 year ago it had the following done by a local specialist mechanic:

  • new head gasket and related gaskets (thermostat etc.)

  • new distributor cap

  • carbs were taken off, ultrasonic cleaned and balanced

  • Passenger side bottom bush of the suspension was replaced.

  • Seats removed and refitted on a custom made mount.

It has also had fitted:

  • It had a Malpassi fuel regulator and filter fitted with new fuel lines all the way from tank to carbs.

  • New radiator with fan from Coolex Radiators.

  • New battery


All electrics work, but they could do with reorganising and tidying up under the bonnet.


If you want pictures of anything specific before viewing or making a trip to view then DM, text, or post a comment and I’ll post the extra pictures into the comments. 


I am going to be advertising elsewhere within the next week or so and I am interested in approximate valuation too.












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Sorry, been a while since I've sold a car! Here are some other details

Built in 2002 with F reg Sierra donor.

MIleage: 70897

The speedo needs replacing for one that is calibrated to the gearbox, the cable works! 

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