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Ruddington meet


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Anyone interested? 

Ruddington is South of Nottingham on the A60

Can someone copy and paste this message about Ruddington heritage centre classic vehicle meet 
Ruddington heritage centre 
This weekend (bank holiday) we are open Saturday and Sunday and Monday. All Classics will be most welcome from 9am to 5pm. But i will be there from 8am if anyone wants to arrive early. I will be spacing cars 1 metre apart because of the covid. But they normally do that anyway so opening doors don't bang the next car .Free cuppa for anyone bringing a classic.    Cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch etc. Site has been made all covid friendly and the cafe is covid ready and all toilets have been brought up to covid standards. Jim/robert

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I went Saturday morning about 11.00  

Sorry to say only one 1963 Hillman Minx parked outside the Cafe that was closed and NO Toilets open.

Other then the railway rolling stock very disapointing.

The best part was the drive there and back in the car.


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Kerry, myself & co-drivers were there, enjoyed a bacon buttie and a cuppa. Sorry we missed you.

No other cars there when we left; as Nelmo says very limited advertising, just a post on FB from a local car show group.

Looking on their FB page now there were a number of cars there today. 

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