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Exhaust manifold/silencer - GBS Zero (Ford Zetec)


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Sorry to be a pain but I have faced more challenges today ahead of (trying) to get my car ready for IVA in just over a week!

Can anyone confirm how close the silencer sits to the side of the bodywork?

I am currently unable to fit mine onto the manifold (done up tight to the engine) because it is touching the bodywork to the point that the two bits cannot be aligned.

I know my engine is sitting a few mm off centre to the chassis but it surely cannot be that close.

Thanks in advance of anyone's thoughts/comments.


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I did speak with them and this same point was raised - everything checks out but I couldn't really obtain any points of reference i.e. the 'normal' gap between the manifold and the bodywork and/or the 'normal' gap between the silencer and the bodywork!

The conversation kept reverting to my engine being a few mm off centre.

Are you able to confirm the approx. gaps I should be getting?



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Sorry, not clear which is the problem; the manifold itself or just the silencer/cat body? 

I had a similar problem with my silencer because I wanted the tailpipe to point down. But that way, the silencer wouldn't get anywhere near the support bracket. I just rotated the silencer so the tailpipe was horizontal (parallel to the ground) and it then fitted right, with about a 10mm gap between silencer and side panel. 


IVA next week and you haven't got the silencer on yet? Very brave... 😏


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Hmmm - mine just wont fit even when I rotate the silencer to the optimum position.

I just can't see why just being a few mm off centre that this should throw out my silencer position by that much!

If you are achieving 10mm then I would have thought I would get a gap of 5/6mm yet I can't even slide the two bits together because it is so hard against the body!!

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I thought this might be part of the problem but having put a spirit level across the bottom of the raceline sump it is pretty level with there only being 1mm difference on my vernier (between the level and the chassis) from the left side to the right side.


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I was not talking about level but rotation.

Look down on the car from above and work out how much to twist the engine + gearbox clockwise or counter clockwise (I do not know which engine you have so I do not know which side of the car the exhaust is on).

I think that you will be suprised how little you have to twist to get the exhaust to fit.

A bit of judisious use of a file to elongate the holes in the right direction should work.

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