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Correct carb advice 2.1 pinto

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Hi did you get any more information on why he could not tune it.  
is it lean on idle or flat out.  
running the v6 carb on pintos has been done for decades 

if your not familiar with this carb it has TWO idle mixture screws and it’s important to undo BOTH and by the same amount not just one

the pain in the bottom one is against the cam cover if fitted to the standard pinto manifold. and you’ll need a right angle screwdriver to turn it. 

a handy tip is to always use a new gasket/heatsink between carb and manifold 

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It's running very lean on idle and had to set at 1200 to be okay, but was causing engine to overrun (diesel ing) he believed it was due to them not being progressive and sucking too much air in at once,  he said  he  was going around in circles trying to adjust, he specialises in setting up carbs and plenty of experience so I may have missed things he was doing so I can't say if something may have been missed, I only saw adjusting the one that can be seen above the connecting gear ratchet, he advised to go for a 32/36 as would work better on mine being a 2.1 and with the cam I have. 

Is that a good move? , an uneccesary move? Or if tuned correctly will be good being progressive? 

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Ok. The dieseling is prob because it’s off the idle circuit and the throttle is held open slightly

as stated it’s important to adjust both mixture screws or as you said you’ll go round in circles 

it does sound like your chap is not quite familiar with this kind of carb.  
but they can be set up quite nicely 

there is quite a bit on the net regarding setting up that carb. 
maybe change the pump jet to a 50 0r 55 or you’ll get a flat spot as you put ya foot down. 

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The 38 DGAS is a very good carb on a warm pinto. Problem is they are mostly 30+ years old so the brass bushings on the butterfly rods can be worn and cause air leaks.

There lots of info out there, eg....


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