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How do I get an age related plate

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So my Exmo has finaly passed the IVA.  I am alittle unsure of the next step.  I need a number plate (obviously) but want an age related plate.  The whole build was from one donor car, so, in theory I am eligible.

What forms do I need to fill in?  And is there a cost?

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If you have the old V5C in your name then you maybe able to get an age related plate if not then you will get a Q plate

Your Address





SA99 1ZZ


Reference (registering a new vehicle)

Dear Sir or Madam

I wish to apply to register a kit car following IVA test.

I have enclosed all documents I am aware of requiring along with donor vehicle V5C (registration number F----C) I wish to apply for an age related number of the old vehicle.

I have filled in the relevant forms and given answers that I am able to but am not to sure how to answer some of the question details requested.

If there are any other details that you require then please inform me of this.

I have enclosed documents as below.




V5C of donor vehicle

The registration fee £55.00

The road fund payment £245.00




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Apologies, I forgot to congratulate you, well done! ...also I remember that the SVA pass certificate had to be the original and they kept it .... so make good copies of everything (sorry if thats grandma sucking eggs). This period of time is very frustrating, you are all ready to go out joyriding, just need to get those plates. Patience.

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