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Road tax rates for kit cars.

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Afterstudying the road tax rates on gov form V149 for the last two hours I thought I would take advice from club members.  It seems to vary between co2 rates and when the car was registered.

My car is an Exmo with a Pinto 1993c engine.  It was built in 1984, so the emmisions rate is for that year, but I have know idea what they are.

What rate of road tax are other members with Exmo's that have Pinto engines paying.? 

Also if you pay the road tax monthly, can you stop it after several months and stop paying, or do you have to sorn the car and clain a refund?

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Hope this may help when I went about registering my car after IVA.

I phoned DVLA and was told that it needed an MOT so had one and sent it in with all the paperwork attached.

(Pinto 1993cc) Engine

Cost of Tax as below.

Regards Martin

Vehicle tax reminder.pdf 

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