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Indicators not working but hazards fine


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Hi, As per the title really, i have fully working hazards but no left or right indicator, my first check was the stalk, pulled the plug and completed the switch on each side with a link, indicators come on but stay solid so thats thrown me off a bit.

Is the relay for the indicators the same as the hazards? 


Thanks in advance

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1 minute ago, IanS said:

Often the hazard switch having corroded contacts.

Spray with electrical contact cleaner and opperate several times.

WD40 half works but I find that long term it attracts dirt.


My hazards are fine which makes me think the switch is fine or am i missing your point?



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The hazard switch switches off the indicators before switching on the hazards.

Sometimes you only get the indicators working on one side sometimes both sides fail.

If your loom is based on the ford switches then the relay is the same for indicators and hazards.

The Hazards work of a permanent live and the indicators work of a switched live, there probably are 2 fuses and a complicated switch.

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I have separate relays for the hazards and the indicators.  A couple of years ago I had the same problem as you, indicators not working while hazards were fine.  It turned out the indicator relay had got wet after I washed the car.  Thought I was clever by putting it inside a plastic bag to protect it, turned out to make it worse as condensation occurred inside the bag and soaked the relay again 😀  Once I figured out the water was leaking in from the windscreen wiper spindles I solved the problem by moving the relay to a safer place.

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