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Dials/ temp gage, fan and over heating


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Hi All,


I have a 2.0 DOHC engine from a Calibra in my 2B,  The problems started when the fan failed and the temp gage didnt work either so the car boiled over when being setup on a rolling road. 

The dials themselves are from a Calibra and the speedo has stopped working as well as the temp gage.  I figured its going to be the clocks so  I have taken the clocks out and ran a electric screwdriver in the speedo and it moves so I think its the gearbox end thats faulty on that, I have also taken the single sensor wire off the temp sensor thats in the radiator hose and earthed it as this is meant to max out the temp gage but it didnt move, so I think that the gage itself is faulty. 

The fan runs off a relay and it used to come on and off, but now it seems to have stopped working, but I cant figure out what would trigger the relay to turn the fan on and off, can it be this single wire that goes back to the dials? that somehow then triggers the relay at a set point?  I didnt build the car so im working through somebody else's work.  First I thought it was the dials, then the sensor now it could be both lol.  I have also got an entire plug missing in the back of the dials but I think that could have been for extras from the original car. 

I will attach pics of the setup, if any body has any pointers that would be great, I can get another set of clocks for about £50 if needed but im not sure its that and cant see how that triggers the fan relay. 

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Fan relay would most likely be turned on and off with the 2 pin sensor in the last picture.

Is that single wire the one that goes to the temp gauge or is there a sensor somewhere else? What happens if you earth this single wire?

Fuel gauge looks like it's working so there should be power to the instrument pack. You need to get a wiring diagram for the Calibra gauges, the missing plug is probably for unused warning lights but you can only confirm this if you have the diagram.

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The two pin sensor isn’t connected and never has been since I had the car, tbat was my first thought. But the fan used to come on and off.

the single wire goes to the dash and main loom, this I assume is then in the multi plug that goes in the dials, I haven’t traced it fully yet. When I ground the wire nothing happens so it’s either broken or a faulty gage is my assumption.

I have the Haynes manual for the calibra but for instance the fuse box is two universal ones not the original so I’m not sure how much or the wire loom Is original. 

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This is the problem with kit car electrics, they're rarely standard so even if you have a diagram, it may not help. 

My oil pressure gauge stopped working - I ended up just running a new wire rather than trying to work out where the break/problem was. My temp gauge has gone as well now so need to do something similar for that.... 

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