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hi has anyone swapped the std rad out for a twin core ally rad, it so was there a lot of difference with running cooler still having a problem with mine running hot over 50mph have electric fans fitted 

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What rad do you have currently? The standard kit Coolman rad is more than up to the job, I still use one on my V8.

The keys to good cooling are to ensure the thermostat is working, no air locks, get as much air as possible in to the rad (by fitting ducting around the rad). If the basics aren't right, no rad will keep things cool.

Honda Civic rad like this fits a 2B with some cutting of the steering rack support for the bottom hose.


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Plenty of ducts too, the air has to get out as well.  My bonnet has louvres in the top but I put some more in the side to try to make the exit area for air closer to the size of the entry area. I don't have a heater in my car but the transmission tunnel gets really warm on anything more than a short journey keeping me warm but also showing just how much heat there is to try to dissipate. Having said all that I have never boiled up yet. Some people have propped the rear of their bonnets up slightly to get rid of more heat. Are you sure that it really is an overheating problem rather than a gauge issue?

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hi I am limited with space with it being a mk 2 i have put side panels in the nose to channel the air through the rad and run with no thermostat the gauges are all new last year  yes mine does get hot in the tunnel and i have no heater i have also fitted two air vents in the bonnet as well as a scoop ,think my next step is two vents in the side ,

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