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Not started for 3 years


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As the title says not started my hood for 3 years and now want to get it running again so I can sell it.

I intend draining the fuel tank and putting in fresh petrol, do I need to strip down the 2 webers DCOE or any other suggestions before I try turning it over.

It's a 2ltr silver top

Any help or advice greatly received or if you are in the Medway area please call in.

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Just the usual, check fluids oil and water, Gear oil, Diff oil.

Take the top off the carbs and clean out any crap from the float chambers.

Take plugs out and using a spanner on the crankshaft pulley bolt turn over and check that water pump and alternator turn.

If all OK then use the starter to get oil pressure, If Ok then replace spark plugs and try to start.

Hope that this helps.

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Next vital thing is to check condition of brakes before moving.

First does hand brake work, chock front wheels and jack back up, handbrake off can you turn each rear wheel? Handbrake on can you still turn each wheel, handbrake back off check if it is stuck on.

Similarly check each foot ( service) brake by having each wheel jacked off the floor and with someone to help check rotation with brake applied and released.

Verify level of fluid in brake resevoir.

Obvious but check tyres for correct inflation etc.

Only then think about a MOT.

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