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  1. Thanks for the replies, as I have already flushed out the system and bought the OAT from Halfords I will now confidentially fill up with the OAT. Had I not already bought the antifreeze I would have gone for the Prestone, so thanks for both suggestions.
  2. Some confusion on my behalf on which antifreeze to use. I am running a 1993 2litre silver top in my hood and went to halfords to buy some antifreeze. The booklet, and the sales guy suggested the OAT antifreeze but when I got home and did a check on line their search suggested Silicate. Have googled to try to understand the differences buy no clearer. My question is, is there any harm in putting in OAT instead of silicate or vice versa. Thanks
  3. I've finally made the brave, or stupid, decision, to sell my 2B. With so many things on the go at the moment the Hood is just not getting used, hence my decision to sell it. Built by me and it passed its IVA August 2015 Correctly registered on V5 as Robin Hood on 1st September 2015 MOT Until 14th August 2023 Powered by a 2 Litre Zetec silver top with a pair of Weber 45 DCOE carburettors Disc brakes all round Custom made exhaust system Shortened sump Lightened flywheel Paul Dunnell ECU Raceline Water rail Permanently Garaged 1 owner, me, based in Medway Kent. The registration number H15 KYT is NOT included in the sale. The car will be sold with an age related H Suffix plate £6,995
  4. Took advice and it started no problems, booked an MOT for this afternoon, will let you know how it went, fingers crossed. May then put it up for sale.
  5. As the title says not started my hood for 3 years and now want to get it running again so I can sell it. I intend draining the fuel tank and putting in fresh petrol, do I need to strip down the 2 webers DCOE or any other suggestions before I try turning it over. It's a 2ltr silver top Any help or advice greatly received or if you are in the Medway area please call in.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Checked but no air lock, was still puzzled as to why it has behaved for the last 1500 miles, then the suggestions to drill a hole in the thermostat made me think. Checked the original thermostat and I had drilled a hole in it but not in the new one which was still fitted. So I took it out drilled a hole and hey presto all working again as before. Many thanks for all your prompt and accurate advice. Happy now Thanks again John
  7. Had my 2B Plus SORN for the winter and beginning of April got it back on the road. First run it overheated, silly me didn't check the coolant level. Topped it up and again it overheated and boiled over. Thought it was the thermostat so put in a new one but still the same problem Also the fan is now not kicking in at 90 C as it was before but nearer 100C. The set up is a 1993 Ford Zetec Silvertop 2.0 l with a raceline water rail, thermostat at 88 C Fan at 90C. It has been running perfectly for the last 1500 miles so it is not as though I have plumbed it wrong. Any suggestions please. Thanks John
  8. johnhetherington

    Floor Strengh

    Regarding the strengthening of the floor, I did that on my 2B which then passed the IVA. I have a web site with pictures which you may find helpful, apologies for the messy web site but the host changed and I lost a lot of content. https://www.johnskitcar.com However if you look on the build tab and scroll down to seat belt mounts you will find pictures which may help. Good luck with the build Cheers John
  9. A small correction there Ken, I was issued with a new registration number the same year suffix as my Doner, i.e. an H registration number. Once all the paperwork was through I then transferred my personal plate to the hood. As this was also an H suffix, H15 KYT it was allowed as it did not make the car appear newer.
  10. Thanks Bob & Mo for a great weekend and thanks to everybody else for making it a fun time. Great hospitality, great food and great people what more could you want, oh yes the weather, but it still couldn't dampen a good time Thanks from John & Liz and yes next year I will bring the hood.
  11. As Ken explained that was my 2B that failed, see the detail and pics on my web site http://www.johnskitcar.com Hopefully this gives you some ideas
  12. Hi Sylvia & Bob Just paid £20 via Paypal. See you all on the Saturday Thanks John & Liz
  13. Hi Bob Please include Liz and I for the barn meal, we will be arriving Saturday with Liz driving the motorhome and me in the hood. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. See you all soon John & Liz
  14. Sorry guys another bummer, away that day. I have sent an email to my son, Tony, he might want to come along in the hood. Catch up soon.
  15. Sorry guys cant make it, on holiday, bummer first get together since I finished my car, would love to have attended. Have a good meet John
  16. johnhetherington

    Iva Booked

    I agree with Bob about the bonnet vents but mine did fail at Gillingham and one of the failures was the bonnet vents. As it failed on a couple of other minor points I did not bother to argue, instead corrected the failure points and put trim on the vents and a pass. That was August last year. I would suggest that you put the trim on just for the test, better to be safe than sorry. Good luck
  17. Never taken my 2B out in the wet...... have bought it home in the wet.
  18. I wrapped mine and it doesn't look bad, and if I want a change then peel off and re wrap i think the combination of stainless and a colour looks good.
  19. Great club, Ken has helped me out numerous times
  20. Hi Bob & Mo Thanks very much, Liz and I would love to come along, and also meet up and join the Kent convoy. Will be bringing the motor home so one camping spot please and no need for the B&B Thanks again and hope to see you all at Stoneleigh. Cheers John & Liz
  21. Hi Eugene I built a 2B Plus with a 2L Zetec engine, have a look at my website it may give you some ideas. http://www.johnskitcar.com
  22. I agree the examiner will look more kindly on a well presented car than not. I chose to vinyl wrap my 2B, went well but a word of warning, I did buy a less expensive vinyl and not 3M which is pricey. I had looked on You Tube and it looked easy using 3M but not easy when I used 'Star Vinyl' However the final result is not bad. Have a look at my web site http://www.johnskitcar.com Tab 6 The Build and drop down to Vinyl wrap Hope this helps and good luck with the IVA John
  23. That's why you shouldn't SORN the car over winter, you never know what the weather is going to do, as unfortunately they found out in the North.
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