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Pinto 2.0 Efi misfire under load


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Hi all, help!

so I’ve got a 2b running a 2.0 Pinto (205) Efi engine.

it did seem to run ok, but boiled a lot. So I have replaced the rad with a nice shiny cooler one.

problem is, since then it refuses to run properly.

took it for a brief run on Monday, let idle up to temp before I started. It ran fine for a couple of minutes, then appeared to have a loss of power in 4th and 5th.

Eventually ground to a halt on me engine would turn on the starter, it’d catch, but then sound like it wasn’t getting fuel.

Put some more petrol (in case it was the gauge and I was out) but it just wouldn’t run.

eventually sound the distributor cap appeared lose and had moved. Related cap. Got it to start, but hunting horrible and terrible (read undriveable)misfire under any load, and hunting like mad at idle.

swapped the idle air valve for a new one that I had, made it even worse.

unplugged the idle air valve and wound in the throttle stop adjuster to give it some more fuel, and it seemed to run find at a standstill, revved cleanly on the throttle.

swaped back for my old (now cleaned and lubed) idle air valve, wound out the throttle idle adjuster screw, and hey presto, seemed to run again, then tried to actually drive it, got about 300 yards before hideous misfire (including spitting back through injector body)

I am now at a complete loss, and my pet mechanic (father in law works on busses and out farm equipment) can’t work out what’s causing it (then again he’s yet to experience the issue under load, as he hasn’t actually been in the car)

anyone got any idea what to look at next, any common things to be looking for?

sorry to sound terminally stupid, but you see, I am.

thanks, and sorry for the novel!

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