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Hello again,

I want to turn to you who know about these things for advice. I have acquired a Sierra based S7 with rear diff and Sierra steering but that’s it. I want to get an engine in to work around but I’m really stumped as to what to put in it. It will be both a track and a road car and obviously not my daily driver so I don’t mind if it is not the most comfortable to drive but I’d like it to be quick. 

At first I was going to go down the bike engine route, I like the revs and gearbox. Then I had an offer of a V6 Essex but that fell through, now I’m considering a Zetec Blacktop. 

The weight of the engine affecting steering is a concern. I think the S7 is light on the front end so do I in fact want a heavy engine…. Or not?

 I’m thinking that the Zetec should fit relatively easily on a t9 gearbox and can be tuned up. 

I really am stuck on this choice so was after some input if you have time. Lowish budget also needs to be considered, or a higher budget over time.

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IVA comes before registration, and the car will be emissions tested for IVA based on the documented age of the engine. Bike carbs might be a problem and you’ll need a CAT.

However, if as Richie says you go for a non age related Q plate subsequent MOTs are visible smoke test only as per a pre 1974(?) registered vehicle so you have more freedom to tune the engine and remove cat etc.

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