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Just brought a Mac1 ZX10R…

daniel reast

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Hi All,

New to the group and have just purchased a Mac1 worx ZX10R. An absolute blast to drive but does need some TLC to body and chaissis in areas where rust has started. Worst part is an upright section on the side by drivers knee where all I can think is it has filled with water and frozen as it has ballooned outwards. 

Anyway all mainly superficial but I have no real history behind the car and it appears Mac 1 folded a few years ago.

does anyone know the old owners of Mac1 or have any contact details so I can ask them a few questions? 

also anyone else here own a Mac one and know where to get parts from? 






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Never heard of Mac1 but that looks like a good quality build. 

Normally, the only parts specific to a make are bodywork panels - everything else probably came from a donor and so you just need to identify what you need and order another one (ebay, Car Builder Solutions, breakers yards etc). 


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i would drill some drain holes in the chassis so it dont happen again nice looking car 

as for parts probably looking at that car it would just be brakes and diff that you would need to find out the donor car probably ford 

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Yes Mac 1 have a good pedigree on and off the track. There used to be a few of them on the Locost Builders website, but like the rest of the kit car world, in the past few years, the website doesnt seem to pull as many folks it used to.

Beware of asking if they are a branch of MK. LOL



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