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Some confusion on my behalf on which antifreeze to use.

I am running a 1993 2litre silver top in my hood and went to halfords to buy some antifreeze.

The booklet, and the sales guy suggested the OAT antifreeze but when I got home and did a check on line their search suggested Silicate.

Have googled to try to understand the differences buy no clearer.

My question is, is there any harm in putting in OAT instead of silicate or vice versa.


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As far as I know you can use either the old "blue" or the newer OAT orangey red colour but you shouldn't mix them.  Have a look what colour is in at the moment and use the same.  If there's nowt in you should be able to use either but the blue should be changed every couple of years while the red lasts a lot longer.

Hope this helps,   Steve

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