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New member looking for advice

Arthur Martin

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Hi all,

I’ve just recently joined the owners club and would appreciate some advice on sourcing an engine, gearbox, front hubs and rear axle for my build.
I bought a new 2B kit way back in 2003/4 and after collecting it at the factory, driving  back up to Scotland, unloading all the bits into my garage and buying a Ford Siera donor vehicle, for a variety of reasons it was never started. 
In the meantime I had to scrap the donor vehicle as I lost access to the storage facility where it was parked up and figured I would pick one up at a future point as Sierras were ten a penny. 
How times change and now Sierras are classics and worth £1000s!! 

I recently retired and now with plenty of time on my hands, I’ve decided to build the kit rather than sell it. I would rather not scrap an expensive classic Ford Sierra so sourcing the parts listed above individually appears to be my best option. I would also appreciate advice on sourcing a petrol tank, servo and any other parts I haven’t thought of yet. 
The kit I ordered included suspension, wheels, interior trim, windscreen, tonneau, wiring loom and a ton of other parts so it’s mainly the large components that I’d like advice on locating.

Thanks in advance.


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I'd be on the lookout for a complete unfinished kit with a donor V5. You'll be paying over £1k  to £1.25k for it but there will be parts you don't need that you can sell on so you should get everything you need at least than the cost of buying individual parts.

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If you've got a decent budget, you can just go to Kit Spares (the parts arm of GBS who own the rights to RHs) - they can do the hubs/suspension bits reconditioned for a reasonable amount. You can also get brand new engines and gearboxes but they cost a small fortune.

Otherwise, no magic to this, just keep looking; eBay is the best source generally IMO, with loads of old Zetec's on there and MT75 gearboxes for under £100.

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