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Sierra Front LH/NS Hub (Housing or complete)


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I'm currently building up the front suspension of my 2B, but have a suspicion that the geometry of the front LH/NS/Passenger side hub casting is not quite right and it may have suffered a kerb strike in its original life!

Before I attack my new upper wishbone to make enough clearance to bring the camber angle into spec, does anyone have a spare front hub available to buy?

  • Either a bare Sierra housing or a built up assembly (2wd).
  • Alternatively if anyone has one they could lend me, if not for sale, to check if it solves the geometry issue that would also be very useful.

I'm located near Newbury, Berks so can either collect locally or pay for courier collection.


Picture for attention - that's the other side and all seems to be OK!!



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2 hours ago, Jez Morton said:

It's more likely the chassis isn't quite true, mine needs more camber adjustment on one side. When l looked into my geometry the top wishbone mounts to are a little offset to the lower.

That’s definitely a factor - I’ve spent a couple of weeks trying to set the front suspension against a horizontal datum and there is undoubtedly some asymmetry in the chassis. But I’ve not been able to pinpoint any single large dimensional variation in the suspension pickups that would cause both the camber issue and the wheel centre height to be about 10-15mm different from side to side for the same coilover mounting position.

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2 hours ago, Bob Tucker said:

Are there any spacers/washers between the wishbone bushes and the rectangular chassis cross tubes?

No spacers within the rectangular box section cross members at the front - I am using non standard poly bushes and corresponding crush tubes that are well matched to the width of the box section.

The rear (open) cross members are more challenging on my chassis with definitely a few mm difference in longitudinal position of the upper angle section between both sides. There is a correspondingly different thickness spacer on the rear side of the upper wishbone rear mount to compensate. Even so, the measured castor angle of the two front hubs is also a couple of degrees different between sides.

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Its important to set the castor equally each side, or you will have a permanent pull to one side.
It may even be worth shortening the crush tubes and infilling with a spacer front or back,  if possible ,to move the top wishbone backwards or forwards.
These chassis were never set up very accurately, so you have to resort to adjusting out any inaccuracies.

Dont worry about trying to set up the coilovers identically (see above!)  More important is identical ride heights, once the car is on its wheels, or better still setting corner weights once the car is finished. HTH

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