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Ignition only ECU


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Not sure if this needs to go to electrics or engine.

I have managed to pick up some ZX9 bike carbs with Canems ignition only ecu to go on a zetec blacktop engine. As far as I can understand the ecu only manages the coil pack but what I don’t understand is what else is needed to actually run the engine. Can anyone explain what else is needed, the original ecu?

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Ignition only just needs 2 inputs.

1 Crank position sensor

2 Engine load sensor, this can be either a TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) or a MAP ( Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor.

The engine might or might not have a coil pack with it but you will need one!!

The Zetec engine should have the crank position sensor working off a 36-1 toothed wheel on the crank shaft, you can use this.

As you have bike carbs you probabaly need a TPS and this might already be with the carbs.

The Canems unit does not need the original ecu but might not have an imobiliser function.

Have fun.

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Thanks Ian, that is the bit that I did roughly understand but what I am struggling with is what happens to the coolant temperature sensor and air temperature sensor and the other bits that a normal ecu handles.

These carbs have a TPS and they came off a 1.8 zetec so should be good to go with the engine that I got until I can get it on a dyno (hopefully). I have the coil pack that came with the engine but will probably get a new one just in case.

I didn’t even think about the immobiliser.

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Coolant temperature is only needed for cold start enrichment and switching on the electric fan behind the radiator.

Cold start is handled by the carbs, Fan needs a seperate switch <https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/adjustable-fan-controller-thermostat> is one.

Air temperature is also used mainly to control fueling as air density changes. Carbs being analog handle it automaticaly (they work on mass air flow).

Immobiliser will probably end up as stearing colum lock like in the old days.

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