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Hi all

We are begining to see this more and more often in various parts of the forum.   At the moment we are not sure what is causing it.   I am in discussion with our hoster but he doesn't know what is causing it either.   The closest idea we have is that it is related to the spam filters we have running.   We will keep trying to figure it out, but if it is a spam filter then it is IP-related.   So what seems to happen it self-heals after a few hours when the IP changes.  

You can try rebooting youe router, which should force an IP change.  Or we normally find that you can access it vis a mobile phone provided the WiFi is disabled and it is working on mobile data.   If, like me. you have a BT router you can switch to the secondary, public, wifi system that uses a different IP.

If by chance we have some real IT experts on here who understand this sort of thing, please let me know and I can ut you in touch with the hoster.


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